President's Message

Tachizaki Hisasi President
Welcome to Canon Healthcare USA: an organization committed to contributing to improved healthcare delivery for all by pursuing clinical and technology-based research, developing quality partnerships, and shaping future strategies for the Canon organization.

Many countries around the world are facing challenges in the delivery of healthcare, with increasing levels of demand and rising costs, often due to aging populations and increasing expectations of the role of technology in improving medical care, patient care, and treatment regimens.

In this environment, advances in medical imaging equipment, image analysis, and in vitro diagnostics technology have made it possible to leverage more comprehensive data, combined and analyzed with AI technology, to push towards the vision of precision medicine.

At the same time, the healthcare environment has changed significantly due to COVID-19, from the shortages of healthcare professionals globally, to increasing labor costs and rising prices. Therefore, solutions that improve the quality of care, while advancing treatment regimens and improving patient outcomes both effectively and efficiently are required for all healthcare providers.

Canon Healthcare USA, Inc. was established in February 2023 as a Canon Inc. group company, supporting Canon’s vision for the growth of the medical business to be one of the main pillars supporting Canon Inc.’s future success.

We have established our company here because the United States attracts the best healthcare professionals, students, and researchers from all over the world. Every day, these thought leaders conduct cutting-edge research and development at leading universities and research institutes which has given the US significant influence on the development of global medical trends.

Our mission at CHCU is to strengthen Canon’s collaboration with prominent medical institutions in the United States and around the world: to better know our customers and their needs.

CHCU will collect, analyze, and synthesize information on emerging trends in technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, and emerging financial and reimbursement models. We will use this rich information to devise strategies and recommendations for the Canon Group and will be a part of the team supporting the development of the resulting products and solutions for Canon’s global healthcare business.

We are excited to have this opportunity to build a dynamic and invested team of people to help realize this challenging vision for CHCU. I look forward to working with my new colleagues and partners in Cleveland, the US, and around the world as we deliver on our mission.

Hisashi Tachizaki